The Planning Commission meets the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the township hall.   Commissioners serve for three year terms.

Chair Mike Stock, term expires 12/31/2019
Co-Chair, George Pushies, term expires 12/31/2020
Secretary, Londa Horton, term expires 12/31/2019
Keith Wasilenski, term expires 12/31/2021 
Larry Parsons, Conway Township Trustee Ex-Officio Member
Caleb Jenkins, term expires 12/31/2021
Chuck Skwirsk, term expires 12/31/2020
Conway Township
8015 N. Fowlerville Road
P.O. Box 1157
Fowlerville Michigan 48836
Phone: 517-223-0358
Fax: 517-223-0533